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Document translations by certified translators

Whether your documents are personal or professional, it isn't always easy to ensure they are properly translated.

Automatic translation tools are certainly inexpensive, but they are prone to grammar or word-choice errors.

And it isn't always that easy to find sworn professional translators with the expertise and experience to translate terms with special uses in particular trades or professions.

Altis24 rigorously selects its translators according to the language into which your documents need to be translated. There is nothing like a native speaker to translate every nuance of expression and discourse!

Document translations by certified translators

What languages does Altis24 translate into?

English, French, German, Spanish... We can translate into more than 120 different languages!

So, whatever target language you require, Altis24 is almost bound to have an expert translator into that language as part of its team.

We always choose a certified, professional translator whose mother tongue is either the source or target language, whichever is most appropriate.

This is how we ensure that you will receive a tailored, flawless translation!


What sorts of documents does Altis24 translate?

Altis24 translates a broad range of documents

Personal documents, such as birth certificates, educational certificates and insurance statements and certificates, providing essential information on your identity, education and protection.

Adoption or immigration documents, related to the legal and administrative processes associated with these areas. These include forms, decrees, visas, permits, certificates and other official documents.

Business documents, such as descriptions and patents for inventions, used to protect and promote a company's products, services and innovations. Technical and descriptive information about a product or service. Patents for inventions, granting their holders exclusive rights over a new invention or technology.

In marketing and sales, a whole gamut of documents are used to promote products, services and companies: media or on-line advertising to attract potential customers; detailed brochures on products and services, and their characteristics and advantages; catalogues containing organised lists of products, with descriptions and prices; menus, used in the hotel and catering business; other surveys or questionnaires too.

We also help medical professionals: medical documents such as treatment reports or descriptions, used to record a patient's medical information, describe diagnoses or treatment or progress. Reports documenting a patient's health or conditions and the treatment they have received, test results and recommendations. Descriptions of treatments with details of medications prescribed, dosages and specific therapeutic protocols.

Turning to legal matters, we translate court rulings and correspondence from the courts or lawyers, used to provide evidence, take legal decisions and communicate between the parties involved. Court rulings laying down the rights and responsibilities of the parties concerned. Correspondence from the courts or legal teams, including letters, notifications and official opinions in relation to ongoing legal proceedings, requests for information or answers to specific legal questions.

And much more besides.

The above list is far from exhaustive, so whether or not your document is included in it... Contact us now! We are extremely likely to be able to help you.

Choose from our three translation services

Our customers' satisfaction is our number one concern. That is why Altis24 offers tailored, fully-personalised translation solutions.

This means you can choose between three levels of translation service for all your files and documents.

Basic translation service

The document is translated by a specialist translator.

"Gold" service

The document is translated by a specialist translator and then double-checked by a second expert translator.

"Premium" service

The document is translated by a specialist translator and then double-checked twice, by two expert translators acting independently.

One simple procedure for rapid translations

You can now pay for your translation using our new online payment service.

Using this system means you can receive your translation even quicker.

And it's easy to do!

  • Use our site to upload your documents and ask for a free quotation:
  • We will email you a no-fee, no commitment quotation.
  • You agree to the contract and make payment...
  • And we send you the translation through the post!

Do you have documents to translate? Don't delay;  Altis24 is ready and waiting to answer your every question. Contact us now!

ALTIS24 is a professional translation agency, which works exclusively with highly qualified translators-cut-50pct

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ALTIS24 is a professional translation agency, which works exclusively with highly qualified translators. The aim of our services is quality and speed.

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