Certified and legalised translation of official documents

The requirements for the translation of official documents are very different from those for less-formal texts.

So, translating legal documents or declarations or, say, adoption deeds, has to be carried out in a specific and very precise way. What counts here is pinpoint accuracy and total rigour.

That is why Altis24 Translation Agency only selects certified translators: their combination of native-speaker competence and certified professional skills ensures that you will always receive a translation that fully reflects the exact content of the original text. Contact us to find out more!

Altis24, a team of sworn translators

Altis24 uses sworn interpreters and translators.

In Luxembourg, for example, these are translation professionals who have been sworn by the Ministry of Justice.

A document translated by a sworn expert then bears a seal attesting to the exactitude of the translation. The translated document is certified to be "a true translation of the original".

How are our translations certified?

A certificate of translation is issued with every sworn and legalised translation. This certificate authenticates both the translator and the translated document.

More specifically, it is your guarantee that the specialist translator is properly certified and that the translation is true to the original text.

At Altis24, we take great care to provide every customer with the closest-possible translations of your every expression and text.

And so, we will ensure that you receive authentic work and documents that are true translations of the originals: that is why we double-check every translation.

All our certified translations are crafted by officially sworn professionals expressly authorised to translate official documents

What documents can I have translated?

All our certified translations are crafted by officially-sworn professionals expressly authorised to translate official documents.

We translate a large number of official and legal documents into more than 120 different languages.

Legal documents such as the deeds of adoption of a child, driving licences, marriage certificates, divorce decrees or death certificates.

Certificates and similar documents officially confirming certain information, such as qualifications, skills or specific competences, such as certificates of professional competence or diplomas. Certifications such as those often needed to prove certain facts or situations, including domicile or salary.

Written documents used by an individual to set down facts or information about a particular matter, such as tax declarations, witness statements or income declarations.

In the domain of finance and accounting, the list of documents is huge: financial reports, balance sheets, profit/loss statements, cash-flow statements, extracts from commercial registers, and many more.

Commercial documents include the whole range of texts used in business, such as invoices, purchase orders, quotations, delivery notes, contracts of sale, etc.

Finally, we translate contracts of all kinds in a broad range of areas, including contracts of employment, rental agreements, business contracts, etc.

And all this is only a small part of the official and legal documents we translate!


Choose from three types of professional translation!

Would you like to have a document translated by an expert, certified translator? Altis24 offers three different services:

Basic certified translation service

the document is translated and certified by a certified translator.

"Gold" service

the file is translated by a certified translator and is then double-checked by a second expert translator.

"Premium" service

the file is translated into the target language by a certified translator and is then checked and reviewed by two other experts.

Contact us now, for specialist, certified translations into 120 languages!  We will be delighted to give you a no-fee, no-commitment quotation.

ALTIS24 is a professional translation agency, which works exclusively with highly qualified translators-cut-50pct

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ALTIS24 is a professional translation agency, which works exclusively with highly qualified translators. The aim of our services is quality and speed.

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